MNF, TimTheTatman And Best of 2020 feat. Matthew McConaughey, Joe Burrow, Coach O, Blake Griffin And More


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We are back in studio to recap MNF and asking if Cam Newton needs to retire and if the Bills can actually beat the Chiefs. (2:25-15:28) A brand new interview with twitch sensation TimtheTatMan talking how he started on twitch, Jeeps vs. Teslas, and skill vs. personality when it comes to streaming.(22:23-58:19) Getting into the best of 2020, we recap the top moments in chronological order. National Championship -Joe Burrow and Coach O (1:02:22-1:13:08) -Jay Cutler (1:13:12-1:22:06) Super Bowl Week -George Kittle (1:23:26-1:29:10) -David Baker (1:29:12-1:40:58) -Baker Mayfield (1:41:02-1:43:08) NFL Combine -Adam Schefter (1:46:06-1:52:38) -Mike Vrabel (1:52:40-1:58:07) After Sports Stopped -Dungeons & Dragons (2:01:58-2:18:41) -Love is Blind Recap (2:18:41-2:25:44) -Horace Grant (2:25:50-2:33:21) -Barbara Corcoran (2:33:25-2:36:33) -Blake Griffin BOTY (2:36:34-2:39:51) -Matt Ryan (2:42:17-2:48:26) -Kevin Love (2:48:33-2:59:56) -Ryen Russillo (3:02:10-3:8:46) -Matthew McConaughey (3:08:50-3:17:58) See you in 2021. Love you guys.

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