036: Homophobia in Faith Spaces with Trey Pearson & Susan Cottrell


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One of the harsh realities of parenting is that in order to teach our children about love, sometimes we have to tell them about hate. This is the truth in confronting homophobia in the world. I have on my show today, Susan Cottrell, author and speaker who works with parents of faith who are raising LGBTQ children, and Trey Pearson, the Christian singer/songwriter who came out as gay publicly a few years ago. We talk about the impact of raising children in homophobic environments, how that impacts both gay and straight kids, as well as how faith spaces have gotten quieter with their homophobia but persists with that messaging in subtler ways. This is probably one of my favorite episodes of my podcast mostly because both Trey and Susan are both so genuine and warm. I appreciate their vulnerability in sharing their life and work, and for their passion to help other parents be loving and affirming. This conversation is a gift, and I’m so grateful for both Trey and Susan for having it with me.


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