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In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Mahan Tavakoli speaks with David DeWolf. David DeWolf is the Founder, President, and CEO of 3Pillar Global, a digital product development services organization building breakthrough software products that power digital businesses. He is also an Amazon best-selling author of The Product Mindset: Succeed in the Digital Economy by Changing the Way Your Organization Thinks. David DeWolf’s leadership at 3Pillar has been honored by numerous awards, including The Software Report’s Top 50 Tech Services CEOs, SmartCEO Magazine’s Future 50, Washington DC’s 40 Under 40, and Virginia’s Fantastic 50. In this conversation, David DeWolf shares why he decided to start 3Pillar Global and how he has continued to grow as a CEO as the organization has grown. He also shares the principled leadership practices which have helped the organization stay aligned over the years. Finally, David DeWolf talks about the challenges and opportunities as organizations navigate the changing landscape of work and collaboration.

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