Ep. 12: BJ Lange-You are not broken, you are redesigned


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In this impromptu episode, I speak with Mr. B.J. Lange, actor, comedian, acting teacher, and comedy coach for the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program.

Here’s some of the wisdom BJ Lange shared;

  • His journey as a temporarily medically retired Air Force Reservist...after joining the Air Force Reserve at the age of 35
  • What he’s learned after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer for the second city
  • How he is using improv to take a different perspective on cancer
  • The physical and mental struggles of cancer that he deals with…and how he deals with it
  • How he’s coming to terms with this new chapter in his legacy

Moments You Don’t Want to Miss

[3:08] B.J. explains his unusual entry into the military

[5:21] Reflecting back on his journey through cancer

[8:00] How did comedy help him process cancer?

[10:50} Does it take something like a cancer diagnosis to make us wake up?

[11:50] Acting-B.J.’s one true career love

[15:09] Cracking jokes while puking in the toilet-B.J.’s unique approach to deal with cancer using humor

[20:54] Why healing from cancer is more than getting into remission

[22:04] I’m still learning my new normal

[22:10] You are not broken, you’re redesigned”

[25:00] The invisible wounds & resiliency

[29:14} If you could have a billboard, what would it say?

Key Quotes from guest BJ Lange

(About his acting career) “I’m just a broke actor following my heart”

(About testicular cancer) “Let me be clear to your listeners…Just because, I’m a 2x cancer survivor, that does not mean that I’m a flatbagger. I still one lefty. I’m holding out for the hero.

{About his legacy) “I’ve always enjoyed being a source of inspiration. That is what drives me in my life and everything that I do.”

About Our Guest

B.J. Lange is an actor, comedian, TV host, comedian, acting teacher, temporarily retired Air Force Medic, comedy coach for Air Force Wounded Warrior Program and for improv instructor for veterans at 2ndCity, and 2x cancer survivor. He currently lives in Los Angeles and is currently in remission.

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