PIP 072: Living Forward with Author of Flight of the Phoenix - Pierre Simon


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Author Pierre Simon just finished his first book, the flight of the Phoenix. In this episode we talk about his journey of 10 years to create this book and his tips for implementing personal growth, happiness, and living in what is as opposed to what if.

Get the Book: https://amzn.to/2OOGqI9

“Having lived a life against all odds, the idea of the Phoenix was born. From being taunted for being an awkward child more interested in books than popularity, to walking on as an undersized Division 1 athlete, and later challenging the status quo in corporate America, Pierre Simon decided that the zest for renewal that continually recreated The Phoenix burned within his own heart. Failure was always supplanted by resolve, losing was a milestone, never to be an end result. Complacency remained the enemy. Understanding The Phoenix was a personal rallying cry that brought Pierre from humble beginnings to new heights in each phase of his successful career." The Phoenix is a mythical creature, but as told in this free-flowing book, it is a life attitude of succeeding against all odds. The storyline is unique, free flowing, authentic and a tribute to a life of never accepting no.”

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