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“95% of all of our actions, feelings and behaviors come from OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness.” Dr. Mcayla Sarno, Brain Expert and Licensed Psychotherapist

Licensed psychotherapist, brain training and mindset expert, Dr. Mcayla Sarno joins us to explain the step-by-step system to getting unstuck and bringing lasting transformation to our lives.

In this fascinating interview, Dr. Mcayla explains:

  • That when circumstances enter our lives, our brains form conclusions outside of our awareness.

  • We may not have all of the information we need to properly process these situations—so we tend to “fill in the gaps”

  • The problem is we fill in the gaps with inaccurate information, which then become part of our beliefs and those beliefs begin controlling our lives.

It is when these inaccurate perceptions get lodged into our unconscious mind and that it results in the strong feeling of being stuck, in a pattern, behavior or season of our life.

Because our beliefs are coming from our subconscious mind,driving us into fear, doubt, and poor habit— we find ourselves remarking, “WHY did I do that?”

The challenge then becomes how to uncover what is happening in our subconscious mind. How can we dive into the subconscious mind to dislodge the things that can hold us back from achieving our potential?

Here are the two steps that can immediately thrust you forward today, into achieving more of what God fully intends for you:

1. Discover the Illusion.

When we face challenges, we create “illusions” as a coping mechanism.

We tell our selves things like, “If I play it safe, I can avoid disappointment”. The problem is, that is not true.

We have to shift our focus from our “past pain” and embrace the reality that we do matter, and we do have what it takes. We have to retrain our minds to receive the fact that we may not be able to control what happened to us, but we can control how we choose to handle what happened. Our worth, value and capabilities are not in situations, material things, or people.

When you can discover the illusion—you gain control and begin the journey of stepping into your purpose.

Do it Now:

To discover an illusion you may be harboring, ask yourself, “What is it that you are not doing? What do you think is helping you NOT do it? What are you doing to help yourself believe that you are “good enough”? Inside the answer to these questions, are the illusions we are creating.

2. Question Your Perception.

“You cannot find purpose without finding meaning, and you cannot find meaning—unless you make sense of your story. The better you know yourself the clearer your path to purpose.” Dr. Mcayla Sarno

To achieve success in our lives requires “brain work”. In order to become unstuck, you must question what you believe to be true.

Don’t take what you perceive as TRUTH.

Our perception can be based on emotion and emotion is not face value. It fluctuates and deceives. Take a look at past victories to revive confidence in your capabilities. For example, once you have courage and strength, you can’t lose it. They are traits that stick with you!

Fear can tell you that you don’t have it, but the reality is—that you do.

Do it Now:

Recall a memory of an incident where you exhibited courage and hold it consciously in your mind. Now, question your perception of your current challenge, and bring it back in line with what is true and right in your life.

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