Broadway Show Investing Done Right with Matt Picheny


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Matt Picheny is the Managing Partner at MJP Property Group. He has invested in over 5,000 apartment units and is primarily focused on acquiring and repositioning multifamily communities. Matt has over 15 years of property analysis, financing, acquisition, construction, and operations experience. He is a licensed real estate agent, a Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac approved buyer and a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council.

Today, we're talking about Matt's investments in Broadway shows. He syndicates Broadway shows and brings in passive investors to invest in such shows. He will be giving us a behind the curtains look at how it's done.

[00:01 – 04:52] Opening Segment

  • I talk briefly about great values that await you in this episode
  • I introduce and welcome our guest, Matt Picheny
  • Matt tells us his background and his journey to reach where he is now today.

[04:53 – 14:24] Broadway Show Investing Done Right

  • Matt gives us a peek at how Broadway show investing works
    • The investor's role is to fund the preparation for opening night
    • High-risk, high return

[14:25 – 22:28] Time Frame and Exit Strategy

  • The Timeframe for investing in Broadway shows
  • Forming your exit strategy
  • Leverage and Debt

[22:29 – 28:38] Learning to Invest in Broadway

  • Matt walks us through what you'll need when investing in Broadway
  • How to evaluate these investments from a passive investor's standpoint
  • The 3-Prong Approach to Evaluating Deals
    • Evaluating the creative team
    • Evaluating the management team
    • Evaluating the production itself

[28:38 – 34:18] Closing Segment

  • Quick break for our sponsors
  • What is the best investment you've ever made other than your education?
    • We were lucky we invested in Hamilton.
  • What is the worst investment you ever made?
    • If/Then, it didn't do exceptionally well.
  • What is the most important lesson that you've learned in business and investing?
    • It's all about relationships. Building relationships is the most important.
  • Connect with Matt online. See the links below.

Tweetable Quotes:

"If a show does really well, it can remain in theatre forever." – Matt Picheny

"It's not like real estate where at real estate you actually have this tangible asset that you sell at the end. With these shows, it's like they close and then it's over, but hopefully, you've gotten a lot more money during the whole period." – Matt Picheny

Connect with Matt on their website or email him at

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