The Downside of Cost Segregation with Michael Plaks


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Cost Segregation is all the rage in the real estate world these days. After all, why shouldn't it be? Some of the cost segregation proponents out there say it promises to reduce our tax bill to almost nothing! But does it really?

Michael Plaks, CPA, joins us to teach us the other side of cost segregation. Aka how cost segregation is sold to you and unsuspecting investors.

We discuss a recent situation with one of his clients, who was sold a cost segregation study by an unscrupulous salesman, who promised Michael's client the moon. His client, who didn't fully understand cost seg studies, bought it and paid the price.

Don't get him wrong! Michael teaches us that cost segregation can have immense value for investors and can be used as an important part of a successful tax strategy. We get into the nuances of how cost segregation can factor in to an overall tax strategy, and how we as investors should see cost segregation.

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