73: Flying Private (Taking Advantage of Empty Leg Charter Flights)


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We are talking about flying private with my buddy, Eddie, who recently flew from Phoenix to Las Vegas for cheaper than flying commercial. ‘Empty legs’ are flights that are due to operate without any passengers as the aircraft repositions back to its base, or is going elsewhere to be ready for its next assignment. If you can move quickly or have a flexible schedule, an empty leg can help you save significantly on the cost of a conventional private jet charter. We get into the details of his trip and how he was treated like a VIP throughout.

Main Topics Covered: Conversation with Eddie Robinson on his trip on a private plane

Links Mentioned in the Episode: Excellent article comparing the top charter flight services. Eddie described using JetSuiteX from Phoenix to Las Vegas. Find empty leg charter flights - they have to go to a location to drop off or pick up people anyway, they are looking for ways to fill their flight Check out all of the details at POLICE: Brotherhood in Uniform Around the World. Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest tips in Travel and hear about our weekly visits around the world.

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