Cust Corner XIX - Toast, Appetizers, Fortnite Concert, Staying Indoors, Cooking with Pam + More


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In the nineteenth edition of Cust Corner, Pat Mayo, Garion Thorne & Tim Andercust discuss Cust’s gripes about the type of toast he enjoys, Fortnite Concerts, Appetizers, Cooking with Pam, staying indoors, cold butter, different types of Coke, Trump Tweets, buying a new phone, and Cust’s Fantasy menu for his own restaurant.
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0:22 Giveaways
2:53 Types of Toast
13:52 Fortnite Concert
30:37 Patios
40:04 Appetizers
50:24 Cold Butter/Cooking
55:59 Pop Culture
1:01:21 Tim’s New Phone
1:11:29 Alcohol Parties
1:16:05 New Flavors of Coke

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