3 Leadership Contributions


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If you are the owner and CEO of your organization, or if you are the intern in an organization, I guarantee you, what we're going to talk about today can apply to you where you're at.

Oftentimes the larger an organization becomes, the less we think about our work as a contribution. But in reality, if your work isn't a contribution, if it's not driving some outcome, if it's not pointed towards some results, then all you're doing is filling a seat.

To be intentional about contributions, we're going to focus on three contributions the impact-driven leader should be focused on:

  1. A Compelling Vision
    • No one follows a leader who doesn’t know where they’re going.
    • Good leaders catch a vision. Great leaders cast vision, life-changing leaders coach vision.
  2. An Environment of Unity
    • Recognition and encouragement have to be a priority.
    • Repetition of the mission, vision, and values.
    • Every team member should know and agree on:
      1. Why does the business exist?
      2. Where is this business going?
      3. What does this business stand for?
  3. A Framework For Accountability And Support
    • Properly set expectations and regularity communicate
    • Unspoken expectations create front-loaded resentment
    • Expectations without accountability are useless
    • Accountability without expectations is miserable
    • Five questions that will help you provide accountability and support:
      1. What is your top priority right now?
      2. What does winning look like?
      3. What are the blockers that are getting in the way?
      4. How can I help with those blockers?
      5. When should we follow up?

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