[S3 E4] Future Proofing Your Career in Communications


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There is no escaping the march of technology and the impact it is having on our professional lives. And yet some more senior PR and communications professionals are running scared when the simple fact is that we all have to embrace change to remain relevant. In this episode of the Digital Download podcast I chat to author and founder of Zude PR, David Sawyer, about the journey he's gone through in the last five years from digital dullard to writing a book about future proofing your career using digital technology. He speaks candidly about the challenges he faced when he saw the world moving on and what he did about it. And about his obsessive use of index cards! Here's what is discussed in this episode: Why becoming digitally enabled is vital for your career Why you need to address your digital fear head on How to future proof your career using digital How the decline of the media has increased rapidly in the last ten years Why many senior PR people are happy to 'get by' on what they know Whether traditional media is losing influence when it comes to generating sales Why you don't need to be tech-savvy to maximise the use of software Why digital technology gives you an unfair advantage Why reading relevant material every day is a great habit to establish Why your own social networks are your very best source of news and knowledge What the process of self-publishing a book involves Subscribe: Apple Podcasts I Android Podcast Apps I Email I RSS Useful Links from Today's Show RESET: How to Restart Your Life and Get F.U. Money by David Sawyer (Amazon link) There Will Be No Newspapers by 2020 from Paul Sutton What to do Next I'd love to hear from you with any comments or thoughts. I read and reply to every single email, tweet or message. If you enjoyed today’s show, please email it to a friend and/or share it on your favourite social media channels. You might also want to check out Digital Download Membership, which is like having an army of expert mentors to turn to who keep you updated with the latest digital and social media developments and provide feedback and opinions on your ideas. And finally, it would also be very awesome and hugely appreciated if you'd be able to take a couple of minutes to leave an honest review and rating for the podcast on iTunes, as this helps others discover Digital Download. Thanks for listening!

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