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Dr Cath Watson, BVSc - Companion Animal Veterinarian - has worked in a range of practices, both in here in Godzone Aotearoa New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. She’s been a locum, an employee, and a business owner.

Right now, Cath’s based in Central Otago but travels the country as a locum.

The reason Cath and Julie South of VetStaff are talking today is because of Cath's involvement in Healthy Pets New Zealand – a really special New Zealand research charity.

In her spare time, Cath has a passion for anything outdoors and loves exploring New Zealand's back-country by foot, bike, kayak or skis.

Healthy Pets New Zealand

Healthy Pets NZ is a registered charity that supports research into improved health and welfare for kiwi pets.

Established by the Companion Animal Branch of the New Zealand Veterinary Association in 1998, Healthy Pets is a team of volunteer veterinary professionals consisting of veterinarians, researchers, veterinary nurses and educators. Each is passionate about outcome focussed research that assists companion animals in New Zealand.

Fundraising at Healthy Pets

Healthy Pets doesn't receive any government grants so fundraises through sponsorships, bequests and donations for outcome-focused research. This research makes a difference to the lives of kiwi pets and their owners.

Over the last 20 years, Healthy Pets research has resulted in new diagnostic and treatment options becoming available to the veterinary profession in New Zealand.

They recently began funding research into the value of pets to society and the human-pet bond.

Healthy Pets research continues to help improve care, results in new and better diagnostic investigation, and explores new treatment options for a range of issues affecting kiwi pets.

Healthy Pets researchers seek to publish their results and communicate important findings to the public.

Healthy Pets Research

Research Objectives

  • To promote better public understanding of companion animal welfare, breeding, nutrition, management, health, diseases and performance.
  • To encourage the study and understanding of companion animals in New Zealand.
  • To foster project or welfare work in connection with companion animals.
  • To assist with projects related to advancing the wellbeing of all companion animals.


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