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Crystal Ball Gazing

Today we do a bit of crystal ball gazing with Dr Paul Unsworth – Companion Animal Locum Veterinarian. This is the first of a multi-part series.

We’re talking about some of the changes Dr Paul has seen since he started his career.
Gender Equality and Diversity

We also talk about gender equality and professional representation which always a topic that results in passionate debate. Using my words, not his, the veterinary profession has evolved into having not much diversity.

We’re trying to change the way things ARE, to work within a way that WAS. And that WAS no longer works.

If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode with Dr Jade Hackney, have a listen – because she makes some really valid points about the change that needs to happen to bring out professional longevitiy.

Menagerie of pets growing up

If you’re involved in the veterinary profession, it’s probably fair to say that most of us grew up with at least one pet.

You probably had a cat or a dog. Maybe a bunny or another type of pocket furry … or maybe a bird… perhaps even a pony. But I’ll be surprised if you’ve had a menagerie of pets like Dr Paul Unsworth.

Companion Animal Locum Veterinarian Dr Paul Unsworth, who’s married to Dr Rose Unsworth, who’s been a guest on this show a few times, shares what life was like as a veterinarian back in the day where James Herriot was making headlines and inspiring lots of British young men and women to become veterinarians.

James Herriot

If you’re too young to know who James Herriot is, that’s the pen name of James Alfred Wight who worked as a veterinarian in the Yorkshire Dales in England.

His first book, published in 1969, was “If Only They Could Talk”, followed up by “It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet”.

Both of these books were published as a volume in the US as “All Creatures Great and Small”.

We start of the conversation where I asked Dr Paul about starting out as a veterinarian when James Herriot was known to many…

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