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What makes a great leader?

Are people born natural leaders or can leadership be developed and taught?

What’s the difference between a LEADER and a MANAGER?

Did you realise that when you, or someone on your team is a great leader (or not) it affects your clinic’s ability to attract and recruit great vets and nurses?
Three differences Leadership vs Management
1. Process
vs Vision

2. Organising vs Aligning

3. Position vs Quality

Five Qualities of Effective Leaders

Here are five leadership attributes and qualities that effective leaders have in their personal and professional lives. These are men and women who inspire others to take action and set a course for future success.
1. Become more self-aware and prioritise personal development.

2. Focus on developing others

3. Encourage strategic thinking, innovation, action and diversity

4. Ensure you’re ethical and civic-minded.

5. Practice effective cross-cultural communication

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