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Before you start looking for your next vet or vet nurse job – there are some things you need to do first – to avoid heartbreak and stress further down the track.
In summary

Get clear on why you’re considering a new job. If you like where you are, give your current clinic the opportunity to meet you in the middle. If you’re a good vet or nurse and you match the culture and vice versa, they’ll want to keep you.

Giving them the opportunity ahead of you looking elsewhere is the right thing to do.

If that doesn’t work and you end up in a counter-offer situation then here’re the six Qs to ask yourself:

#1 - Why the counter offer now?

#2 - Will earning more money fix what’s wrong?

#3 - At face value is staying at your current clinic, the best clinic for you?

#4 - Is accepting the counter offer the best decision for your career – in the long run?

#5 - How will your relationship with your co-workers change?

#6 – Why are you leaving? Really? Revisit your list – why are you leaving? What is going to change?
Do you
want to stay?

Staying is the easy way – especially if/when your current clinic presents you with a counter offer.

In your mind’s eye, I want you to fast forward when considering whether you want to stay.

Ask yourself:

· Are you prepared to step into your challenge zone – ie, out of your comfort zone – and negotiate something better today? Without looking for another job?

· Do you feel ‘brave’ enough that you’ll be well received? That doesn’t mean that your requests will be met, but that you won’t be ridiculed or bullied simply because you asked.

· What will it take for you to stay?

· If they say no now, and then make you a counter offer down the track, what will you do at that point? Will you remember they weren’t willing to do this until backed into a corner?

Because maybe, just maybe, you can negotiate with your current clinic terms that make you want to stay.

My recommendation is to do that before you start looking for another job. Not in a counter offer situation.

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