NZs borders open - how it impacts vet clinics and overseas qualified vets working in New Zealand


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How NZ vet clinics and overseas qualified vets are impacted

In real terms, what difference does this make? In some cases, it’s going to make a HUGE difference, in others, not-so much.

What was MIQ – which those clinics fortunate enough to have vets enter NZ over the last 18 months or so – had the pleasure – she says, in air quotes, of footing the bill for that – well that’s still going to happen just under a different name and with a different look.

SELF ISOLATION is going to kick in instead of government-provided MANAGED ISOLATION facilities. This means that if you’re a clinic bringing a new-to-NZ vet into the country – funding isolation will probably still be required as the visa is tied to the employer.

I’ve heard quite a few stories recently of clinics that’ve had signed employment offers with overseas vets but then our government has changed the rules which has delayed their entry here. The latest rule change requirement is that all family members must be received booster vaccinations.

The first stage is opening up to kiwis and people with border exceptions from AUSTRALIA from 23:59 Sunday 27/02/2022.

The second stage - a fortnight later - Step two - from 11:59 pm, Sunday 13 March 2022

This is probably the most important date for vet clinics – from 23:59 on Sunday 13/03/2022 NZ will open to kiwis and other eligible travellers – including vets who’re eligible to be registered here – earning at least 1.5x the median wage (which equates to $84,240 – or $40.50 ph) for roles longer than six months.

Under this second step of border reopening - the minimum experience criteria has been removed – so new and very recent grads – who’re able to be registered here – can enter.

The other important thing about this date is that it enables the Working Holiday Visa scheme to kick back in – although this is “on a rolling basis (the staging and timing of individual schemes will be confirmed)”.

Step three kicks in the week of Easter - from 11:59 pm, Tuesday 12 April 2022

The border will then open to current offshore temporary visa holders, who can still meet the relevant visa requirements. At the same time up to 5000 international students can plan to attend the second semester.

Further class exceptions for critical workforces that don’t meet the 1.5 times the median wage test will be considered. It would be nice if that extended to vet nurses and new grads.

Step four - by July 2022

The border will be open to anyone from Australia and open for visa-waiver travel.

The Accredited Employer Work Visa will open.

If you are a clinic bringing international vets into NZ, Employer Accreditation is something you’ll need to put on your to-do calendar.

Step five - October 2022

The border fully reopens to visitors from anywhere in the world, and all visa categories fully reopen.

All travellers must meet health requirements before travel.

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