Vet Clinic Employee Turnover - how to calculate the real cost - ep 064


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Vet Clinic Employee Turnover Costs & Composition

Today’s show is the first of a multi episode series focussed on helping vet clinics retain the top performing vets and vet nurses in your clinic and then how to attract more vets and vet nurses like them.

Specifically, today, we’re going to be looking at the cost – because it is - of employee turnover. I think the numbers might surprise you – because we’re going to be talking in real terms.
When you lose a team member it comes with a very definite measurable COST.

The only time losing a staff member can be regarded as an investment is when it’s the case of one bad apple contaminating the rest of the barrel; one team member whose rotten attitude is at risk of causing everyone else on your team to leave.
The following points / questions are answered today:
How would your team answer the weekend BBQ "what do you do" question?
Vet clinics that pay high and disrespect their staff are bribing them
It takes years to turnaround a bad employer brand reputation
Employee Turnover | Employee Engagement
How to calculate your vet clinic's employee turnover ratio
Replacement Components of Employee Turnover
Departure components of employee turnover
Cost of Departure Gap
Different components of Cost of Employee Turnover
Create Employee Retention Investment Fund
One resignation leads to more
Language of Appreciation in the Workplace
False economy to skimp with onboarding
Opportunity Cost
Loss of vet clinic or institutional knowledge
Start developing your Vet Clinic Employer Brand

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