Veterinarian Dr Helen Beattie - early career highlights - foot and mouth + M.bovis response teams


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Dr Helen Beattie grew up on a South Island Central High Country station before going to Massey University. Her veterinary career started off in a mixed animal clinic in North Otago.

Helen’s OE included working on the UKs foot and mouth response in the UK. From there she came home to Godzone and bought a companion animal clinic in Dunedin.

From clinic ownership Helen ventured into teaching vet nurses at Otago Polytechnic. Not standing still on the education front, Helen picked up the books herself to become a warranted animal welfare inspector whilst employed as the Director of Animal Welfare at SPCA Otago.

If you didn’t know who Dr Helen Beattie was at the beginning of the current Covid-19 pandemic, you sure would have heard about her come March/April 2020 because Helen was the NZ Vet Association’s Chief Veterinary Officer – burning the candle at both ends helping kiwi vet clinics navigate the ins and outs of staying open and safe whilst NZ was declared a State of Emergency.

At the NZVA , her role was one of national level advocacy, leadership and politicking on behalf of the veterinary profession and for animal welfare.

Helen left this position late 2021 and in February 2022 Helen launched an organisation providing a unique new voice for animal welfare - Veterinarians for Animals Welfare Aotearoa. The organisation was the brainchild of several veterinary colleagues, and provides a veterinary-led, science-backed, independent advocacy voice on animal welfare.

Dr Helen Beattie - qualifications
Bachelor of Veterinary Science
Certificate in Animal Welfare Investigations
Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching
Certificate in Mata ā Ao Māori

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