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Dr Francesca Brown is a veterinarian who graduated from Massey University’s class of 1998.

Since graduating and gaining experience in clinical practice she moved to education and then leadership in Allied Veterinary Professional education, at both Otago Polytechnic, as the Head of the School of Veterinary Nursing and nationally as the Chair of the Educational Standards committee for Allied Veterinary Professionals.

Over her career Dr Francesca’s seen first-hand, and through her network of colleagues in the industry (both vets and allied veterinary professionals), the significant challenges faced to personnel.

Today she talks about one of her most recent research projects – which she expects to publish in early 2023 – Veterinary Client Storytelling.

Dr Francesca wanted to know “what’s important to clients when they visit a vet clinic”.

Dr Francesca discusses the following questions and top level ‘more research required’ topics:

What can clinics do to improve the clients’ experience when they visit?

Are clinics relying too heavily on the sale / inclusion of medication as a revenue generating component?

What steps can veterinary staff – from front of house through to the veterinarian – do to greatly enhance the clients’ experience?

How to recognise the critically important human-animal bond to each individual client

Listen to what the client has to say – explain the rationale for discounting Dr Google’s diagnosis

Offer professional guidance when giving clients choices around future treatment option(s)

The importance of partnership clinic+client+pet

Would clients pay extra to have more time to settle their pets?

Would slowing things down and allowing more time be beneficial? What would the benefits look like?

How important is always seeing the same vet to the client?

What needs to happen is this standard practice in a clinic?

How can the clinic + client relationship be maintained?

How can feedback become a gift?

What can clinics / people do when a blind spot is exposed?

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