PB73: Financial Independence and Early Retirement ft. Robert Farrington


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It's LIT! Thanks to this week's FIRE guest, Robert Farrington, America’s Millennial Money and Student Loan Debt Expert. He is also the founder of TheCollegeInvestor.com, which is the #1 resource for helping millennials get out of student loan debt and start building real wealth for their future. The College Investor is designed to be the #1 tool to help get out of student loan debt, learn how to earn more money, understand how to start investing, and build real wealth. We spoke about Robert's "Financial Independence, Retire Early for Non-Frugal Piece" on Episode 66: How to Quicken Your Savings, Reach Financial Independence, and Retire Early. We were lucky enough to catch Robert at FinCon for a live recording covering:

  • Robert's views on the difference between achieving financial independence versus early retirement
  • Why graduates should consider prioritizing paying off your student loans before all other debts
  • Wealth building through FIRE and the difference between "lean" and "fat" FIRE goals
  • How to estimate and calculate your retirement needs and why you might need a "buffer" of up to 30-50% for unforeseen expenses and lifestyle changes
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