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Today on the show we welcome Damien Peters! He’s the founder and Chief Product Officer of Wealth Noir and Victoriam Consulting Group. Damien is a former Facebook product manager, MIT alum, MBA, and self-proclaimed “personal finance nerd.” At Wealth Noir, Damien strives to work with you to generate wealth and presents information from the African-American perspective, teaching about the importance of financial freedom and generational wealth. Damien is also on the Board of Advisors for /dev/color, a non-profit focused on transforming black software engineers into industry leaders. He currently lives in Valencia, Spain with his wife and son, “managing all endeavors remotely while drinking plenty of sangria.”

In this episode, you’ll hear Damien talk about his time at Facebook, how he got started in investing and why the “buy and hold” approach in real estate will earn you the most cash for the future.


  • Damien’s past jobs
  • Being able to afford taking a year off!
  • Investment properties and building your net worth
  • Lifestyle creep, the appearance of wealth, and hanging onto your money long-term
  • The “Silent” Millionaire
  • Understanding your Net Worth
  • Owning a Home vs Investing in Real Estate
  • Damien’s experience during the housing crash
  • Buy and Hold: Forced appreciation approach to Damien’s real estate strategy
  • The importance of CREDIT
  • Building wealth for the future generations of your family

Key Takeaway: The way you build wealth is by first building a financial mindset

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