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Dr. Eric Patrick joins the Paychecks & Balances family today. Dr. Patrick a pharmacist turned investor and Entrepreneur. He’s the founder of “The Black Market Exchange”, which he developed because of the lack of people of color in the investing space. The BMEX is an educational platform that teaches investing and stock trading, that’s rooted in hip-hop and pop culture. The company has grown to over 50,000 loyal members, which includes subscribers to Dr. Patrick’s daily stock market newsletter “PAPERTRAIL”. PAPERTRAIL covers the latest stock market news with funny commentary and even has a “bangin’ playlist that’s for the culture each weekday to help you secure the bag”.

In this episode, you’ll hear about Dr. Patrick’s journey out of his 9 to 5 Pharmacy job, how he stayed true to his roots while starting his business, his entry into the cannabis space and how some people prefer working a day job, and that’s ok.


  • Being a pharmacist “in charge”
  • How shifts in company culture can affect you and your mental health
  • The transition out of your 9-5 job can take a long time, be patient
  • “It’s not a rat race if you truly enjoy your job”
  • Entrepreneur shame
  • The process and hustle of putting out a daily newsletter
  • Staying true to who you are and where you come from when creating a vision for your business
  • Starting a social media agency
  • Helping cannabis entrepreneurs through “Green Tree”

The Takeaway: Don’t try and be somebody you’re not with your business. When you show up authentically in the world, people will be drawn to you and your ideas.

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