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Today we welcome the host of “The Side Hustle Show”, Nick Loper. The Side Hustle Show is a weekly podcast that has been running since 2013. It explores creative ideas on how to make money outside of your day job. Nick is a side hustle enthusiast and many years ago he created a comparison-shopping website for footwear, that allowed him to quit his full time corporate job. Since then he’s had dozens of other side hustle successes and failures.

Nick is a believer that with hard work, the right niche and some patience, everyone can have some success with a side hustle, and use the extra cash to save more money, pay off debt, learn new skills or try and escape the rat race. Nick is also the founder of https://sidehustlenation.com .The site has hundreds of side hustle ideas and it showcases Nick’s success and failures as well as gives actionable lessons from other side hustle entrepreneurs.

In today’s episode you’ll learn how to come up with the right side hustle idea, how a podcast can help grow your business, the importance of hiring help once you can afford it and why you have to grind daily, after your 9-5.


  • Using affiliate marketing
  • Doing product reviews on YouTube
  • Working on your side hustle after hours
  • Living below your means
  • “Consistency is key”
  • Having a lot of interest in what you’re working on will keep you going when you feel like quitting, because you actually care about what you’re working on and aren’t motivated by just the money
  • Hiring a virtual assistant once you can afford it
  • Putting systems and processes in place within your side hustle business
  • Service based side hustles vs. product based side hustles

Key Takeaway: Starting a side hustle is a great way to make extra money, but it’s also about building a future of financial freedom and being in control of your life.

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