Three Problems Movo’s Digital Cash Is Solving (That Traditional Banks Aren’t) w/ Eric Solis


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The term “disruption” doesn’t just get thrown around occasionally. “Disruption” gets thrown around incessantly — especially in tech, and, perhaps even more especially in fintech.

Let us introduce perhaps the one founder who is not actually trying to disrupt traditional banking.

Meet Eric Solis, a 3-time fintech founder, former SVP of investments for Merrill Lynch, former VP of Investments for Prudential Securities, a full stack entrepreneur with educational credits in bitcoin, AI, and business from MIT, Oxford, and Stanford.

Eric came on the Payments Innovation podcast to share about his latest creation — MovoCash, and how he’s using it to solve problems for the underbanked, without disrupting traditional banking.

What we talked about:

  • What is MovoCash
  • Eric says they solve 3 problems traditional banks couldn’t:
    • 1) Guaranteed payment
    • 2) Getting money off the ledger
    • 3) Preventing fraud & creating denominations
  • Eric’s not actually out to disrupt the banks

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