#133 Part 2 Wholesale smack down with Dave Schaulat and Myke Toledo


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Part 2 Whole sale smack down with Dave Schaulat and Myke Toledo Whole sale price standards

  1. Size limit i.e. anything over the size of a business card goes to price a dent MTRX
  2. Charge a 1st panel charge $25 over your normal rate or flat rate
  3. Have your dealer commit to a certain volume
  4. PDR industry must commit to a bottom threshold don't charge lees than $85 a car
  5. 4 panel maximum for a one price $85 a car
  6. Use Mobile Tech RX to up-charge for R&I
  7. Use Mobile Tech RX and charge retail pice and the give them a discount conditioning them to learn your retail price.Wholesale Podcast Episode Dos

Revisit the previous wholesale podcast and the importance of the parameters on the wholesale guide.

This is your groundwork for your wholesale business model. Its a menu and defines what you will do and what your customers can expect for volume, size, and price X.

Touch on current real life situations.

Reasons why we can’t do cars for less than $65. Costs associated with running a mobile buisness. Dual pane glass. Electronics and codes.Cost of insurance.

How and when to raise price.

Circle back to the guide…its’ parameters

First of the year is optimal. Business review.

Cost of living increases, insurance increases, etc.

Reasons to raise prices.

Cant do today's job with yesterday's tools at an archaic price.

Variables coming in fast…Alum, HSS, Dual pane, electronic footprints, glue pulling at the molecular level. Vehicle readiness vs lost sales opportunity while in the body shop.


Can that vendor perform at 5pm on Friday?

Every panel that vendor turns down or walks past = lost $$$

Lost sales opportunity while the body shop gouges you and can’t match the paint.

Ideas and suggestions to use when you decide to grow a set of balls and a$k for it!

Dress code


Buy in through similar lines of thought.




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