Wise Heart Coaching and Hypnotherapy in Portland

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“Change is hard—let’s make it easy”. That’s the tagline for Judith Auslander, a life coach, and hypnotherapy expert. This week, Judith and I talk about the various ways that she helps people with the issues that plague their mind, and the baggage that they carry around that stops them from pursuing their life the way they want to. Wise Heart Coaching and Hypnotherapy in Portland: Judith is a passionate, smart, and inspiring woman, and together, she and I talk about her business, the way she runs it, and what people can expect in a typical session when they go to see her. We also dispel some rumors about hypnotherapy, and Judith tells us the details about it, and how effective it can be in aiding people’s journey towards Success. Let’s get started! IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: How Judith got started in the life coach industry, and what makes her include hypnotherapy into her skillset. She talks to us about how important it is to get certified for what you want to be doing, and how bad experiences in the past made her want to change the stigma for the better while helping people in the process. Judith explains to us how hypnotherapy works, introducing us to the “5 path hypnosis” technique that covers every aspect of healing incorporated into one process. She also reaffirms that hypnosis isn’t simply a magician’s trick—it cannot make you do anything that’s against your value system, and cannot make you confess to anything that is not true about your person. You do your own work by releasing thoughts that’ve plagued you through your subconscious. Together, Judith and I run through what a typical session is like. They tend to last for two hours, and the session will begin with the client sitting down and talking to Judith about reoccurring themes (asking questions that pertain to the client’s emotional state, discussing differences or tough spots that might’ve come up, discussing concerns together). This helps Judith know what may be stopping them from moving forward. From there, Judith then discusses the hypnotherapy part of the session and affirms that it is never forced on a client. Judith always asks if people would like to try it or not, and from there, the session continues. If they do say yes, however, Judith discusses what a hypnosis session is like, and describes the atmosphere she intends for her clients for optimal relaxation. Judith states very plainly that she is not a “fixer”, nor is she a counselor. Hypnosis doesn’t “cure” depression, or anxiety, or stress, but it does help relieve it, and it does help clients start a natural healing process. And, overall, Judith shares her positive review rate. Judith tells us how long it takes to see results from her sessions, and she surprises me with her answer—just one! She says that results happen after the first session, however, it does take the average person about 5 sessions to see full-fledged results. She then backs up her claim with a story about a client of hers, who she helped and saw progress within just 5 sessions. Lastly, Judith ends with explaining to use that while shaking off the negative stigma of hypnosis can be hard, it’s worth it for the results that she sees, and the results she’s gotten in her own life. It helps people take control of their life instead of removing their self will—like most people think—and Judith is incredibly proud and passionate about her work. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Wise Heart Coaching Wise Heart Coaching Blog Books by Judith Auslander Google Plus Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Judith is a smart, passionate woman who has dedicated her work towards helping others, and I don’t need to tell you how awesome and inspiring that is. She’s very in tune with the work she does, and the way she talks about how easy and relaxing her sessions are making me want to give her a call right now! Make sure to catch up with Judith on her website, listed above,

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