Profound Gratitude is Necessary for the Miracle of Modern Comforts


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A proper gratitude is requisite for the magnificent achievements that have made our modern lives comfortable. Basic modern comforts that even those considered “poor” among us enjoy such as cheap clothes, shoes, decent insulated housing, indoor plumbing, refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating would undeniably be the envy of kings, pharaohs, and emperors of antiquity.

The advocation that we should not enjoy these and that we should instead seek a primitive and non-impact life is a thoroughly anti-human and anti-life perspective. It is a repudiation of the inconceivable toil and hardship that our ancestors have endured to make our modern comforts possible. It is an insult to their suffering. Let us pay homage to their adversity by striving to continue the miraculous progress for future human beings to enjoy. That human beings live at all is a miracle in itself. Don’t forget to pay it forward.

Profound Gratitude is Necessary for the Miracle of Modern Comforts – Steemit

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