216: Lessons from my 35th Year of life


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My 35th birthday was this past Tuesday and I wanted to share a few lessons I've learned in the past 35 years that I think everyone can also learn from and appreciate. Lessons learned in 35 years Home is where your heart is Your body knows, slow down & listen Evolving is needed for growth Trust your intuition Ask yourself why you think the way you do? You need to move your body Journal Prompt: Reflect on how you want to celebrate your birthday this coming year. What questions do you want to ask yourself, what goals do you want to accomplish? Where to connect with Andrea Instagram- instagram.com/andreaclaassen21 Website- andreaclaassen.com Instagram- instagram.com/fitalmanac Facebook- www.facebook.com/andreaclaassen21 Seasonal Living Mamas- https://andreaclaassen.com/seasonalmamas

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