Part 112 - Judy Cho, NTP on Healing the Gut with Animal Based Diets


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Welcome back to show everyone, I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope everyone is starting back at episode 1 to make sure to catch all the great info. This is supposed to be an audio series on health & nutrition as well as lifestyle and it unfolds live over the past 112 episodes. I don’t have sponsors so I don’t have any other motivations to do this podcast other than to provide valuable information that I believe in. Each guest is purposefully picked and researched and adds another piece to the endless puzzle of human health.

Today I’m talking with my friend Judy Cho who I’ve been following for a long time on Instagram and has done a great job of providing people with easy to understand animal-based health information. She is a nutritional therapy practitioner and the author of Carnivore Cure. Judy holds a Psychology and Communications degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Judy has a holistic health private practice and works with clients by focusing on the root cause for an array of health challenges. Together, they work to create individualized solutions that are sustainable for the long term.

She lives in Austin and will be part of our growing Sapien community there. We start off with some mask and covid talk, so I want to put out a trigger warning for sensitive viewers who don’t want to hear differing opinions than the ones on mainstream media. For the first time that I’m aware of a guest talks about vaccines. I don’t like to touch the subject but it was nice to hear some thoughts on this from someone who’s balanced and considers both sides.




  • [6:40] Children and Covid.
  • [12:55] Lockdowns and fear mongering in the media.
  • [20:05] Herd immunity.
  • [25:25] Infant mortality and vaccines.
  • [28:55] Her take on vaccines.
  • [36:55] Foods to help grow a fetus/during pregnancy.
  • [43:35] How she uses the Carnivore diet.
  • [50:55] Minerals and absorption.
  • [52:45] Organic food, glyphosate and gut health.
  • [1:00:55] The way we process foods.
  • [1:03:25] Food dye and its carcinogenic effects.
  • [1:08:05] Her journey from plant based to meat based.
  • [1:21:25] Least harmful plant foods.



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