Part 113 - Ben Pakulski on How to Overcome Your Genetics (and Past), the Most Efficient Way to Build Muscle, and How to Eat


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Welcome back everyone! I’m Brian Sanders and this is Peak Human - the podcast where you start back at episode 1!

I met Ben at our Toronto MeatUp in 2019 and really like him - maybe it’s because he eats pretty similar to how I do - 2 Sapien meals per day of mostly animal foods and low anti-nutrient plant foods on the side. Seriously though he’s really great and has an awesome mindset on pretty much everything. Goes way beyond building muscle - which is important for absolutely everyone listening. It’s not about being a bodybuilder and we don’t talk much about that - it’s about effectively doing some kind of workout to carry some lean muscle mass which everyone needs and will benefit them as they age.

His info is legit - I already have been getting a better workout since we recorded this episode last week. I took some of his advice and went slower, stayed under control and focused on the muscles I was trying to work and was sore the next for the first time. Gyms are still closed in LA so all I have is my living room yet I was still able to train my muscles hard in my little 15 min routine I do.

We actually talk way more about the mental side to diet, health, and living a meaningful life. This really was a great episode that touched on so many important topics that haven't been explored with previous guests.

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  • [5:10] Focus on what you can control.
  • [9:40] Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • [16:20] His backstory and how he got to where he is now.
  • [24:10] How much do genetics have to do with building muscle?
  • [29:25] 3 genetic traits that help you build muscle.
  • [32:10] The importance of challenging your muscles and obtaining skill acquisition.
  • [42:40] His tips on training at home.
  • [47:40] Cardio, aerobic systems, and burning fat.
  • [52:10] Breathwork.
  • [56:10] Carbohydrates and stress.
  • [1:02:10] His current diet and nutrition.
  • [1:04:00] Bro split vs full body for workouts, crossfit, drop sets, and muscle confusion.
  • [1:08:40] Gut health and choice of plant foods.
  • [1:10:40] Other lifestyle factors that might be preventing you from living your best life.
  • [1:14:00] Closing thoughts and words from Ben.



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