Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show On Location with the East Coast Real Estate Investors Group October 2019


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Hello all, Once again I was on location at the Oxbow Tavern in NYC with the East Coast Real Estate Investors Group.

Thanks to Oxbow Tavern for hosting the event and L.A Homsey for forming the group.

The following Participants I had the privilege of interviewing for Peer 2 Peer Podcast

Thanks to all of them for being on the Podcast.

About Shemroy Garnett

Employed at Lowe’s

Looking to Wholesaling to start his real estate career

Looking to connect with the East Coast Real Estate Investors Group

Connect with Shemroy on Instagram

About Zak Blechman

Investing in People and Building Communities. Private Lender & Sales Professional In NJ

Looking to get into Multifamily investing and residential assisted living.

You can find Zak at

Instagram zak_blech

About Kevin Rosenbloom

Kevin Rosenbloom is Principal and Co-Founder at MKFunding Solutions. His passion for real estate investing coupled with his hard money lending experience and strong business acumen has helped him successfully launch MKFunding Solutions. Before starting MKFunding Solutions, Kevin was a Loan Officer at Everyday Funding and Credit Manager at Vista Commercial Capital.

In addition to lending, Kevin is a Fortune Builder and Real Estate Investor and have successfully bought, redeveloped and sold multiple homes in the New York Metro and Long island areas. This real estate experience has made Kevin a better hard money lender, as he is able to understand an investor's needs and place them in the right loan program, as well as provide borrowers with critical mentoring and insight to succeed.

You can find Kevin Rosenbloom at

(347) 765-0555

(631) 559-9917

About Abdullah Fersen

President & CEO, Abe Fersen. Ab has more than 15 years of experience in real estate and property management. His career has progressed quite quickly from Real Estate Agent to Broker, and finally President and CEO of Newgent Property Management.

Mr. Fersen earned his real estate license in 2001. A few months later, he was managing a small boutique real estate company in NYC and by 2005, had founded Urbanite Realty.

His aha moment came a few years later when one of his real estate clients called to ask for advice about a rent regulated tenant. After seeing what he had done for his own properties, he insisted that I help him and Newgent Management was born.

Target main areas:

RESIDENTIAL RELATIONS Residents like our high level of accountability and we track everything.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE We take pride in how our buildings look. Your residents should smile when they walk inside and feel a sense of coming home.

INCOME & EXPENSES Our systems are established in a way that decreases our clients expenses, increases income, and maximizes resources.

COMPLIANCES - our compliance division is dedicated to providing proactive solutions for New Yorkers numerous local laws and regulatory agencies.

Your property is an investment...we will treat it that way.

You can find Abdullah Fersen at

(347) 305-0463

About Winnie Wan

Co-Owner at GZ Landmark Real Estate Co. Ltd. & Founder/CEO at WS Management Consultant

Started a real estate business in China and looking to expand in NYC.

You can find Winnie Wan at

You can find me at

Youtube Channel

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