046: Tina Olsen & Julie Breckenfelder - Reinvigorating Energy, Purpose, and Creativity


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During Julie's time as business-to-business marketer, she devoutly believed if you over-worked, put in the long hours, followed someone else's agenda, and consistently over delivered on everything… well, then people would notice, the fulfillment would flourish, and success would eventually come. The false hope was so real it was intoxicating. But she felt like a big-time imposter and failure in her heart! She had no idea why, until she slowed down and began to cut through the chaos and the noise. That’s when she started to notice a pattern. A pattern of “success” paired with the feeling that she didn’t deserve it. Why? Because she didn’t earn it… she just followed the rules. Anyone can do that.

Everything changed when she stopped being a robot and started listening to and trusting her gut. Now, Julie started intentionally honoring her values and is true to who she is at the core, which has propelled her into a world of more connection. It’s absolutely counter intuitive from the rules she used to follow. The healthier, happier, and more mindful she is the more fulfillment and success is invited into her life, her career, and her relationships.

Tina's journey began with her personal life "falling apart." Having all known structures crumble is a huge gift from the soul, as a clear-seeing emerges about what truly matters. A no bullcrap way of living permeates all aspects of life: all love, no more fear. One of the things she could now see clearly is that she's not here to force change upon anyone. Much of her corporate job consisted of being a change agent for people and groups who did not believe in the changes that were being made. Add this energy to a fear-based culture and the dissonance was deafening.

This inspired Tina to set forth on a vision of bringing love to corporate culture. The energy of love is what opens the doors to true creation, innovation, care, compassion, and a sense of purposeful connecting living. We spend more hours per day with our co-workers than our families and friends, why do we continue tolerating fear, toxicity, and chronic stress as a way of living this one precious life?

CORELEMENT is here to catalyze change through your only true competitive advantage: your people. We each had 15+ year, highly-successful corporate careers, and chose to leave. Why? Culture cancer. We each experienced the pain, chronic stress, and disconnection created by fear-based cultures and a definition of achievement that left out what truly mattered to us. Contact them at tina@corelementpartners.com

Listen as we talk about:

  • The big visions I’ve downloaded from my soul...how much grip and fear do you have for those goals?
  • I only need a vision, I don't need the intermediary stuff
  • What is your mission, what are your values...people will step into their own zones of genius
  • I'm here to create a world of truth, cause through truth there is so much freedom
  • We are asked to live in scarcity and fear, and it's not truth
  • Being aware and noticing new things everyday
  • Taking me back to the pure, blissful child inside

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