Coaching Conversations - Ep 2: Being Superman, Mindset & Powerful Morning Routines


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In this episode, Nick and Chris break down the three key elements of being effective in business and in life.

How can you increase sales if they’ve reduced in these trying times?

When should you be Superman and when should you be Clark Kent?

When do you take off that cape?

Does Nick just wear his “undies” to work from home?

The more routine you have the more freedom you can enjoy… how does that work?

All this and more in this quick and loaded episode of “Coaching Conversations”… Enjoy!


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0:35 If I’m running a business and sales have dropped… what needs to be set in place to help the start to grow again

1:34 Get your head back in the game… Work on your confidence. Pump yourself up. If I’m flat, business is flat

2:07 Ensure you work on growing your client channels. Front end, middle and back.

3:11 To increase sales… increase your energy. Energy creates momentum. Leave no stone unturned to connect with people. Get out there and drive momentum!

4:26 Connecting with energy works. What you put out you’ll get back

5:04 What a trip into the countryside teaches about rebirth. Burned in the recent fires to a fresh start. It’s exciting… New opportunities.

6:00 Energy creates an outcome. Be clear on your sales game… shifting your energy will help greatly.

6:48 Creating a “morning routine” is foundational. How to change the habit… from nothing to having a “morning routine”.

8:14 When you get home… take the Superman cape off and become Clarke Kent.

8:45 If working from home, how can you still keep in the right mindset?

9:10 Just ‘coz can work in your undies… doesn’t mean you should.

9:47 How do you “get in the game?” Recalibrate the routine.

11:04 If you don’t eat well, exercise and live well… what will it lead to?

11:51 If you’re on your game health-wise, you’re likely on your game business-wise too!

13:43 When you get home.. take the time to let the day go. Now you’re home… it’s not fair to carry the negative into your family’s world.

15:46 Making a mind shift is important

16:01 Humans operate best with structure. 1000%

17:30 Humans need routine… the more routine, the more freedom you have. If you can’t get things done on time.. you need to change your systems.

18:10 Having routine – you’ll get more done

18:20 Get your head into getting, “dressed”… what is your bigger purpose


As business turns the corner from financial downturns… there are some practical things you can do to ensure you’re ready and in the right position to grow things again. Three suggestions include getting your head in the right space, pump yourself up and be confident. Secondly, focus on building your energy and your health. If you’re flat, your business will be too. If you can, then you, your family and your business will prosper. Lastly, ensure you create or follow a structured routine. Stick to a well-thought-out arrangement to get things done… Humans need a routine. The better your routine, the better your mind space and your freedom.

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