EP108: A Coaching Conversation with Jenn Malecha and Sachin Patel


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Sachin Patel and Jenn Malecha share similar backgrounds and a friendship as FDNs, functional medicine practitioners, mentors, and coaches to practitioners. Listen in to hear how Jenn evolved from working in the corporate world to entrepreneurship and some of the stumbling blocks and barriers she overcame on the way. If you are struggling with scaling your practice and you feel burnout, Jenn has some wise counsel for you!

Key Takeaways:

[1:02] Sachin welcomes listeners to today’s episode! This is a special interview with Jenn Malecha, a functional diagnostic nutritionist and a mentor to practitioners. Jenn and Sachin have known each other for years through the FDN organization and MindShare, a mastermind group. Jenn transforms lives through her work.

[2:54] Jenn recalls how she moved from the corporate world into the healthcare space, including her journey from kinesiology through fitness, corporate wellness, to functional diagnostic nutrition. Functional diagnostic nutrition helped Jenn restore her health!

[6:03] Jenn explains what held her back from entrepreneurship for a couple of years. Self-doubt and the lack of support from a friend played roles. She finally found her voice and broke through her fears.

[10:33] Jenn overcame impostor syndrome and began coaching other practitioners. How did she do it? Jenn is process-oriented, and that helps. As she found great success building her practice, other practitioners asked her for mentorship. Now mentorship is her primary focus! The more practitioners Jenn helps, the more patients there will be to receive the benefits.

[16:14] Jenn tells how she developed as a business coach and mentor through the Health Coach Institute and MindShare365. How can practitioners market their services to clients who have lost trust in the medical community, in general? Jenn shares her thoughts and describes her first MindShare Summit.

[21:14] The greatest lesson Sachin learned from MindShare is that people we hold in the highest regard make mistakes. It was so powerful to learn how they owned those mistakes. Then Sachin wasn’t afraid to make mistakes. What’s important is how you handle your mistakes.

[24:39] Jenn discusses the root problem practitioners have: There is a lack of clarity around their niche. The niche piece is so important to help streamline, scale, and grow your business. If practitioners don’t know their niche, they have trouble getting started and then burn out instead of scaling.

[28:48] Jenn tells how she experienced a setback in her business by attracting clients with a victim mentality. Jenn had to revise her marketing to come from a place of empowerment. She had to understand who the client was, not just the condition they had.

[30:56] The other big piece is to get business systems in place. The process of tracking a client needs to be systemized. If you do it manually, it takes so much labor for each client. Use that time instead, for working with your clients. There are lots of moving parts in functional medicine and it is overwhelming to track them all by hand.

[35:02] Jenn tells about setting up for the discovery call. Jenn coaches practitioners on client retention and engagement. Your business is only as stable as your patient retention.

[36:51] The advice Jenn wishes she’d gotten when she was starting. (This process would have saved her so much time, energy, and money!)

[39:13] Sachin thanks Jenn Malecha for shining light on her journey, invites her to share her links with the audience, and signs off until the next episode.

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