Planet Perfecto Podcast 459 ft. Paul Oakenfold


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Official Weekly Podcast from Paul Oakenfold

Playlist: Episode 459

Hour 1: Paul Oakenfold

01 Paul Sawyer - Tyche (Original Mix) [Perfecto Black]

02 Matt Black - 1994 (Extended Mix) [Perfecto Black]

03 Paul Oakenfold & Galestian - Summer Nights (Extended Mix) [Perfecto Black]

04 Paul Sawyer - Destiny (Extended Mix) [Perfecto Black]

05 Chris Lake – Stay With Me (Original Mix) [Black Book]

06 Evgeny Lebedev (ft. Kate Miles) - Let Go (Extended Mix) [Perfecto]

07 DJ Paul (AR) - Glass Muse (Extended Mix) [Perfecto]

08 Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (TILT Summer of Love Remix) [Promo]

09 Schiller – Das Glockenspiel (Rolo Green Remix) [Promo]

Perfecto Classic: Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (DJ Tiesto Mix)

Hour 2: Paul Oakenfold

01 Dominant Space – Indigo [Perfecto Fluoro]

02 Cameron Mo - Black Neon (Extended Mix) [Perfecto]

03 ORAW – Abundance [Perfecto Fluoro]

04 Dimibo - Zion (Original Mix) [Perfecto Fluoro]

Perfectomundo Moment: ORAW & Seegmo - Healers [Perfecto Fluoro]

05 Jirah - Outer Blue (Extended Mix) [Perfecto Fluoro]

06 Obie Fernandez & Lightform - Ghostface (Extended Mix) [Perfecto]

07 Hi Profile feat. Annie Nicole - Why (Pop Art Remix) [Perfecto Fluoro]

08 Jirah - Free Spaces (Extended Mix) [Perfecto Fluoro]

09 Dominant Space - Eternal Spirit [Perfecto Fluoro]

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