Robert Duncan


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We’re joined by author Robert Duncan. He’s led a pretty rock & roll life. He saw the Beatles live, walked out of The Who on their first US tour, & played “22” with Mitch Ryder. One of his first writing assignments was interviewing KISS the same day Paul Stanley got his infamous rose tattoo.

He became the first managing editor at Creem Magazine, working with the legendary Lester Bangs and wrote the first ever unauthorized biography of KISS. His amazing story of how he met his wife led to his honeymoon with Blue Oyster Cult. And he’s also serenaded Sammy Hagar & Liza Minelli.

Go buy his novel, Loud Mouth. It’s hard to put down. Follow him on the socials to get news on his new books & possible movie. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Subscribe, rate, review, & buy us a coffee at Merch is available at So let’s dig in to Robert Duncan on Performance Anxiety, part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.

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