Episode 318: Why Bots Aren’t Going Anywhere and Why That’s a Good Thing with BotBuilders founder, Matt Leitz


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Is it time to re-engage with bots in your business? Chatbots were overhyped in 2018, then people lost interest. But bot technology has changed a lot since then.

On today’s episode, co-hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam sit down with Matt Leitz, founder of BotBuilders. Matt is on a mission to get the skeptical hosts back on the botwagon in 2021, and he makes a compelling argument for the power of bots—but “only if you like leads and sales and automated support.” He discusses the human component of bots and how they filter out unwanted conversations, making room for more money conversations.

Did Matt win Ralph and Kasim over to the Bot Side? Listen to find out.


  • How to use chatbots to capture email and phone #s (real ones) with one click
  • Why customers are more honest and upfront with bots than humans
  • Hot tips for killer bot sequences
  • The inside scoop on RCS, the new open source platform on the horizon


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