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Personal Growth with Rav Dror This inspiring video gives an amazing amount of help and clarity to those seeking for Emunah and complete faith. Faith and prayer are integral parts of life. Everything revolves around Emunah and Tefilah (Prayer). This inspiring class talks about how to pray when things don't go our way. When we are prayer for one thing, and Hashem (God) is doing something else. When we are trying to achieve something, and the Creator is pushing us in a different path. We need to listen to the message from God. To understand that if Hashem is stopping us, it is only because he wants to tell us something, to teach us something about our lives. We need to find the purpose of our own lives, and find the meaning in that. God is too merciful to let us go in a direction that is not in line with our souls mission, that won't bring us to our Tikkun (Soul-correction). We need to humble ourselves in front of Hashem, to accept that he knows better, and then to pray for him to open our eyes to understand the real truth that he is trying to teach us through our failures. That is the purpose of hitbodedut, of jewish meditation and personal prayer. To spend time understanding what God's message is to you, and what God's plan is for you. God is not stopping you, he is just guiding you in a different direction.

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