PetCorps Pawdcast Episode 5: Helping lost pets get home faster with Lorien Clemens


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Lorien Clemens is the Vice President of Marketing at PetHub, a company dedicated to helping lost pets get home faster. They have increased the return to owner rate to approximately 96% within 24 hours thanks to their Digital ID tags and premium services.

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What is PetHub?

PetHub is a powerful, centralized platform for responsible pet owners to store their pet’s information.

PetHub, at its core, offers a free online profile that includes information about their pet’s identification, as well as dietary, behavioral, and medical needs.

July is “Lost Pet Prevention Month.” How and why did this educational event get started?

July, historically, is a busy time of the year for animal shelters and lost pets. Pets typically go missing due to high anxiety (from fireworks to thunderstorms) so the idea of Lost Pet Prevention Month was born out of that. During July, PetHub will be featuring content that helps pet owners work on managing their pets’ anxiety so they don’t get lost in the first place.

What kind of identification is best for getting a lost pet home quickly?

The Four-Legged Stool of Pet Identification

  1. External Identification
  2. Internal Identification
  3. Licensing
  4. Permanent Identification

What are the biggest misconceptions about microchips that you’ve encountered?

  • Microchips are not full proof.
  • Microchips can migrate.
  • Microchips might not be registered, or if they are might have inaccurate information attached to them.
  • Microchips can only be scanned by a shelter or veterinarian.

PetHub works with pet licensing and registration. Why is pet licensing so important?

  • Helps animal control get pets home quickly
  • Some municipalities offer a “free ride home” for licensed pets
  • Pet owners might be surprised to pay a fine while recovering an unlicensed pet
  • Licensing helps fund local animal care services

What are the biggest mistakes a pet parent makes with their pet’s identification?

  • Relying on only one form of id (a tag, a microchip, a tattoo, a license)
  • Relying on antiquated identification with only one phone number

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Losing a pet can be a heartbreaking experience.

When it comes to finding your pet, every minute counts.

We’ve all heard those stories of families who have been reunited with their pets after many months or years of searching.

But what if you could get your pet home faster?

PetHub is helping lost pets get home faster with their uniquely designed Digital ID tags.

Equipped with smartphone-scannable QR codes, these tags make it possible for anyone with a smartphone to reunite you with your lost pet within hours of going missing.

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What are some things pet parents can do to prevent their pets from getting lost in the first place?

Three Ways to Prevent Pet Loss

  1. “Houdini”-proofing your house
  2. Training
  3. Restraints

PetHub focuses on pet prevention education. What does that mean?

It’s fairly easy to go into “panic mode” when a pet goes missing. That’s why it is so important to plan ahead. Preparedness cuts down on the anxiety.

Is there anything different a cat owner should do to find a lost cat?

For both dogs and cats, it is imperative to begin looking immediately.

The biggest difference between dogs and cats is that dogs have a proclivity to roam while cats stay close to home.

Another thing you can do is to leave a door slightly open with some of their favorite food and an item of clothing you’ve worn recently to entice them to come back inside.

For more information on PetHub, visit and

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