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In this episode, I am live from Stockholm, where I speak with fellow ISHTA Yogiraj, writer/editor, creative coach, and educator Ulrica Norberg. Ulrica and I talk about what it means to bring yoga into the way that we live in the world. We cover that topic from a few perspectives, including the balance between work and personal time, how we tackle new challenges, and whether it's possible to follow the advice of the Bhagavad Gita to act without attachment to the outcome.

We mention a couple yoga concepts:

  • The Gunas. Three forces of nature that create the action of the universe: rajas, activity; tamas, withdrawing; and sattva, balance
  • The Doshas. Three types of person, dominated by different elemental forces: Vata, ruled by air; Pitta, ruled by fire; Kapha, ruled by earth.

Ulrica also uses the phrase "I-ness versus me-ness," an idea from art criticism regarding subject versus object, or pure experience as opposed to evaluating me who is experiencing.

We mention Alan Finger, our teacher at ISHTA Yoga and Yogobe, a Scandinavian source for online yoga classes.

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