Reimagining Clinical Trials with Entrepreneur, Dr Ben Liu, CEO, Trialspark


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During his graduate work, Dr Benjamine Liu observed the many bottlenecks that get in the way of clinical trials slowing the development of new treatments for patients. This challenge inspired him to launch Trialspark. Trialspark partners with doctors to create FDA compliant trial sites within their existing practices (like Airbnb), unlocking the 98% of patients and doctors not involved in trials today and democratizing access to research treatments. In this podcast discussion with Ben, we discuss how to reimagine clinical trials, entrepreneurism, the rise of Trialspark and reducing the barriers for patients and investigators. Ben will be speaking at DPharm on September 26th in Boston with Dr Ulo Palm, SVP Global Drug Development Operations, Allergan on a case study to scale more efficient clinical trials. For more information about Trialspark, visit For more information about DPharm visit Producer: Valerie Bowling, Executive Director, Pharma Talk Radio and DPharm

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