The Future of Mobile Data in Clinical Trials: Challenges and Opportunities


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In this podcast from the 2018 Mobile in Clinical Trials conference, Dr Paul Glimcher, Julius Silver Professor of Neural Science and Physiology at NYU alongside Dr Daniel Karlin, CEO at Healthmode presented on the future of mobile data in clinical trials. Drs Glimcher and Karlin discussed this rapidly evolving space with an emphasis on the barriers and opportunities in the mobile health arena. More specifically: • What are the Barriers to gathering an incorporating Mobile data into clinical trials? • What are the most important new datatypes that are evolving in the Mobile Health space? • How can we use Real World Measurements to identify new classes of clinically relevant endpoints to go beyond Billing Codes? • Can we expect to see large-scale Mobile databases for synthetic use on the model of EMRs and ICD codes? • How should we think of these new classes of data, are they just novel bioindicators or something else? Dr Karlin is returning to Mobile 2019 as co-chair. Speakers: Paul Glimcher, PhD, Julius Silver Professor of Neural Science and Physiology, NYU Daniel Karlin, MD, CEO, Healthmode

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