EP.71 Kierkegaard Part 3


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This week, for your delectation and delight Danny and Mike bring you love, yes love, spelt L-O-V-E. Listen in as Kierkegaard - you know, that dude who kicked his girlfriend to the curb for the sake of his work? Yeah that guy - provides us with relationship advice. Take a leap of faith, he says, don’t depend on reason he says, it’s all good, he says. Is he right? Do we diminish the important stuff by analysing it down to its component parts? Is a great paining simply a combination of paint, canvas and time? Stick with us as the Dane moans that he didn’t ask to be born and that nobody understands him before running upstairs to his bedroom to listen to his MCR albums on vinyl. Remember, listening to the cast is an exercise of faith, we may or may not be here to catch you. Believe.

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