Ep 59: Mailbag: Should I Move My Investments To Cash Right Now?


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Whenever you have questions or concerns about your financial situation, you should reach out to a financial advisor. Today we’re going to answer several questions from listeners to hear what Phil has to say regarding everything from a long-term care policy to tax refunds.

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What we discuss on this show:

0:31 - Ever fight with technology?

1:45 - Mailbag: Should I share my inheritance with my adult son?

3:31 - Mailbag: Can I really get half of my ex-husband’s Social Security?

7:14 - Mailbag: Are these 401(k) estimates reliable?

9:33 - Mailbag: Do I have enough coverage in my long-term care policy?

11:32 - Mailbag: Should I move my investments to cash?

14:55 - Mailbag: Is a big tax refund good?

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