Epic Rap Battle Of Equestria-(Twilight vs Trixie)


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(tell me in the comment who you think won) Twilight won this one! Lyrics: [Trixie] They call me Trixie! The master bitch of all magic spells! You say your name is Twilight Sparkle? That don't ring any bells! I've slayed an Ursa Major! All your feats are just minor! I'll take you back to school, Twi And show you who's the best rhymer I've got crowds from everywhere They come to see my magic! My spells are straight electrifying! I'm dropping gods, it's tragic! So check yourself, you impudent foal I'll make you stagger! By the way, your horn looks kinda limp Go and take some Viagra! And while you're at it Just put the books down, you freaking nerd! You'd have to read to know how to breathe You're fucking that absurd! I thought the books were better than you! Ed and Bella still got more class! So just take a pass Cause if you keep coming Then Trixie will come beat your ass! [Twilight] Dear Princess Celestia I learned this today: Some mares like Trixie talk shit What else can I say? To make it worse They're cocky, always leaving you sweatin' But when they're talking like a bitch Then go and teach them a lesson! You say your spells are great and powerful? I learned from the best! You're just a washed up Vegas reject Who failed her magic test! I've got a dragon with wits That are sharper than razors What kind of friends you got, bitch? Some smoke machines and some lasers? Magic is my element I do not need to be told Bitch, I was casting stronger magic When I was just a foal! You're a fraud! A bigger chicken than Scootaloo! I was hoof-chosen by the princess Now where the fuck does that leave you? [Trixie] Hoof-chosen? By a troll? You're a pretty dense bloke She probably just chose you As one of her big fucking jokes! I'll beat you down, Twi Make you cry So best watch what you're startin'! I'll leave you so stumped They'll send you back to Magic Kindergarten! [Twilight] Now Spike, take a letter Cause the bitch doesn't know The kind of Nightmare Night she's bringing When she puts on this show! Silly mare, tricks are for kids You fucking failure! But don't worry, girl Though you suck, you've still got Snips and Snails

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