PBX231: Bernie Griffiths – How to Make the Successful Leap to Pro Photographer

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Photography business coach Bernie Griffiths of www.berniegriffiths.com will be a familiar name to regular listeners of the podcast. Bernie is a portrait photography business coach based in Australia and services portrait photographers world wide. Following numerous requests for more content specifically aimed at photographers getting started in business or looking to make the jump from part time to full time, I chased Bernie up for his thoughts on how to make the successful leap to pro photographer.

In the interview, Bernie lays out the ten things you need to consider if you're serious about making photography a profitable business today. From mindset to pricing, to technique and selling… if you haven't thought these things through before making the leap, you're in for a tough ride and more than likely, failure.

The beauty of what Bernie has to share is he has been in exactly the same position you are and is currently helping photographers at all levels, succeed in their businesses. At the time of recording, Bernie is booked solid and not taking any more clients. This guy is in high demand and knows his stuff when it comes to building successful portrait photography businesses.

If you're an experienced shooter and already have a profitable business, be warned, there may be things you hear in this interview you know you should be doing and keep avoiding. This could be the perfect wake up call!

Here’s some more of what we cover in this interview:

  • 10 things to keep in mind for new photographers looking to go Pro
  • How do you know when you’re ready to go pro?
  • Is it alright to keep your full-time job and test the waters first?
  • The problem with dipping your toes to see if photography is a good fit
  • Being patient and waiting for results
  • How long it took Bernie to build a successful career in photography
  • How soon will you see results?
  • What was the turning point that made Bernie decide his business is doing great?
  • Setting realistic prices when starting out in your business
  • When should you raise your pricing?
  • Can you be too cheap when you start or is there no such thing as too cheap?
  • How you price your service dictates who you attract
  • What should be your starting point when pricing your service and products?
  • Shoot whatever you want and practice your art
  • The importance of learning how to do in-person sales
  • Bernie's Soft Sales System
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • The importance of learning how to run a business
  • Why one needs to be uncomfortable to learn the ropes of the business
  • How to get over the fear of rejection
  • Why you need to keep records and look at your books
  • The minimum kind of records you need to keep in a photography business
  • Why you need to have fun and enjoy running your business
  • Be flexible and challenge yourself to do something different
  • Stop assuming everyone is your customer

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Follow up Questions for Bernie

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