How to Really Get to Know Your Best Customers


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Why Do We Need to Know Our Customers?

Answer: So we can effectively and efficiently meet their needs through the products and services we produce. However, business owners are often not intentional about attracting their ideal customers. We simply put out a product or service, and sell to whoever shows up. And we become frustrated, because it seems the process is completely out of our control.

But that is an unfocused and generally unsuccessful way to do business. The most successful businesses clearly identify their customers and meet their needs. Absent that, we keep producing podcast episodes, courses, and coaching programs that do not resonate, nor generate sales.

It also means we’re not helping as many of our potential customers overcome their top challenges as we could, which is the basis for our business in the first place. In today's podcast episode, I describe the methods I use to get to know my customers.

To identify my customers’ needs, I ask them to articulate them. Please note that I’m using the terms needs and wants interchangeably. I know that that is not always true. But when buying something, customers usually only buy what they think they need.

Basically, there are only so many ways to elicit information from readers, listeners, clients and customers. In this week's podcast episode, I describe in detail the five ways that I get to know my customers' needs. And I explain a second, not so obvious, reason that doing so is critically important.

I also introduce the free tool that I use to create awesome headlines, titles, and email subject lines.

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