199: How to Live an Ordered Life in Quarantine


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Today on the show we take a look at a beautiful prayer by Thomas Aquinas in living an ordered life and I get super amped and sound like Tony Robbins except I tell you how pathetic you are a bunch ... you'll love it ... I think.

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Prayer for the Wise Ordering of One's Life

(Written by Thomas Aquinas, tranlated by Paul Murray OP, from his excellent book Aquinas at Prayer: The Bible, Mysticism, and Poetry.)

O merciful God, whatever is pleasing to you, may I ardently desire, wisely pursue, truly recognize, and bring to perfect completion.

For the praise and glory of your name put order into my life, and grant that I may know what it is you require me to do, and help me to achieve whatever is fitting and necessary for the good of my soul.

May my way, Lord, be yours entirely, upright and perfect, failing in neither prosperity nor adversity so that, in prosperity, I give you thanks, and in adversity serve patients, neither exalted in the former not dejected in the latter.

May I not rejoice in anything unless it leads me to you, nor be saddened by anything unless it turns me from you. May I not desire to please or fear to displease anyone but you.

May all passing things become worthless to me on your account, and all things that are yours be dear to me, and you, God, above all things.

May all joy without you leave me tired and weary, And may I not desire anything apart from you.

May all work that is done for you delight me, Lord, and all repose not centered on your presence be wearisome.

Let me, my God, direct my heart to you often and let me grieve over my failure with determination to change.

Make me, my God, humble without pretense, cheerful without frivolity, sad without dejection, mature without heaviness, quick-witted without levity, truthful without duplicity.

Let me fear you without despair, and hope in you without presumption.

Let me correct my neighbor without hypocrisy, and without pride edify him by word and example: obedient without contradiction, patient without murmuring.

Give me, dearest God, a vigilant heart which no distracting thought can lure away from you.

Give me a noble heart which no unworthy desire can ever debase. Give me an unconquered heart which no tribulation can fatigue. Give me a free heart which no violent temptation can enslave. Give me an upright heart which no perverse intention can hold fast.

Grant me, Lord my God, intelligence in knowing you, diligence in seeking you, wisdom in finding you, conversation pleasing to you, perseverance in confidently waiting for you, and confidence in finally embracing you.

Grant that as penance I may be afflicted with your hardships, As grace, make use along the way, of your favors, as glory, delight in your joys in the fatherland.


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