On The Farm Episode 16: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim with Jonathan Metzelaar


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General Banter and the Wildlife of New York through the eyes of Jim Metzelaar (Rhymes with Pretzel Jar) (0:46 – 4:45)

  1. Mike Trout seems like a good player. In what way is he overrated? (4:45 – 10:00)
  2. Is Upton old man injured, but old man good? What are the reasonable outputs for the next 3 years? What’s the difference between Bryce Harper and Justin Upton? A lot of would you rather’s…(10:00 – 20:10)
  3. Rendon hates the spotlight. Moved to LA. Once said baseball is boring. What’s his deal? Also, does the change in scenery affect his outcomes? When does he become Albert Pujols 2.0? (20:11 – 23:45)
  4. Jonathan defends Albert Pujols for a long time. When does Albert Pujols retire with an Angels hat on? On a scale of 1 - burning effigies, how visceral is the reaction from Cardinals fans when this happens?(23:55 – 27:20)
  5. Tommy La Stella and some would you rathers…featuring Jonathan defending Rougned Odor (27:25 – 28:30)
  6. We get lost in some Ryan McMahon nonsense
  7. Brian Goodwin: Waived by KC. Became serviceable? When is he replaced by Adell? (34:00 – 39:25)
  8. Jason Castro hot taeks: Top ten catcher? Projection systems are worthless. Jonathan causes Adam to say a swear. (39:30 – 43:30)
  9. Jonathan hates Jo Adell. We talk Luis Robert. (44:00 – 54:18)
  10. Brandon Marsh, Jordyn Adams, D’Shawn Knowles (54:20 – 56:20)
  11. Patrick Sandoval and the rest of the Angels system (64:30 – 67:40)
  12. Jahmai Jones (68:00 – 70:00)
  13. What happened to Kevin Maitan (70:01 – 70:30)
  14. Closing thoughts

Mike Trout, Christian Yelich, Ronald Acuna, Justin Upton, Bryce Harper, Mitch Haniger, Willie Calhoun, Lorenzo Cain, AJ Pollock, Anthony Rendon, Albert Pujols, Tommy La Stella, Rougned Odor, Luis Arraez, Luis Urias, Ryan McMahon, Brian Goodwin, Jason Heyward, Kevin Pillar, Jason Castro, Max Stassi, Jo Adell, Jordyn Adams, D’Shawn Knowles, Brandon Marsh, Patrick Sandoval.

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